Hello, my name is Pedro Parra, I’m a wine terroir consultant who lives in Concepcion, CHILE.

As a terroir expert, I was form at the INSTITUT NATIONAL AGRONOMIQUE de PARIS GRIGNON during my Ph.D Terroir work (2001-2005). I also hold a Master degree on Precision Agriculture from the same Institut (97-98).

My work is mainly focus on understanding the relationship between WINE and TERROIR, and so, I had spend my last 11 years making calicatas (pits), looking vine roots and tasting wines in many different places in Chile and around the world.

My clients are mainly located in Chile, Argentina and Italy, but also working in Sonoma,  Okanagan, Armenia, Uruguay and Burgundy. On 2003 I understood that if I really wanted to be good, I needed to understand the wine world in an olistic way. It is not about SOIL, is abut WINE. And so, I decide to invest and create, with two of my best friends, Francois Massoc and Louis Michel Liger Belair, ARISTOS, one of the most awarded and exciting projects today in Chile. On 2009 I decided to create a new project, focus on very extreme Chilean Terroirs. So, Clos des Fous was born. I also participate in a very active way in Altos las Hormigas, with my italians all time friends Alberto Antonini, Antonio Morescalchi and Attilio Pagli, people who has really teach me alot about wine and life.

I m married with Camila, and we had 3 kids : Diego, Felipe and Colomba.

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