TUSCANY 2012-1

It is October and I m preparing my hammer to go again to Tuscany. I love Tuscany, because of the trees, because of the food, the beautifull slopes and off course, the poeple. I m very lucky to go 2 times per year to work there. This gives me the opportunity to taste and taste and taste one of my favourites cepages : Sangiovese. when Sangiovese is good, god, is very good. But is not an easy cepage. My first approach to terroir was in Poggiotondo, Alberto Antonini’s Vineyard in from of the famous town of Vinci. This is a 17 has vineyard, Biodinamic, divided on three big Macro Terroirs. The first one, the biggest, is like a “conca”, with beautiful slopes, and with many different kind of soils, but mainly clay + limestone blend, like a Marne or Marl. If the clay present good strucutre and is located in the medium hugh slope, the wine can be fantastic, elegant, complex.          Alberto, Alan York and Diego Mugnaini at Poggiotondo Vineyard, May 2011

The night comes, and at Alberto’s is always about Mozarella, Bruschetta, fantastic Spaghettis and wine and wine and wine to taste and learn : Flacianello, Ceparello, Testamata, Ornelaia, Poggiotondo off course, Montfortino to name a few coming into my memories.

We has spend a lot of time in this Vineyard, looking more than 35 pits. We flew Nelson from Agroprecision to measure Electro Conductivity of Soils, we made clay analisis to check the quality and the power of the Clay, we look different rootstock behaviour (1103P the best by far in the Slope-Clay ), and we had made several poligones vinifications trying to get to the heart of this vineyard.

                         150 cm deep CEM at the Vineyard in Poggiotondo


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