ARISTOS was born in Vosne Romanee, in the Chateau of Vosne Romanee, on 2003. It was the result of a long night dreaming and discussing about wine, terroir, life and everything, Louis Michel, Francois and I. Then, in the morning, at 8 AM we where walking in the vineyards, it was raining….and the comitment to make a real Burgundy-Chilean project was done. The first idea was to go for Pinot noir….but…it was not posible. The chilean masal material for Pinot noir at that time in Chile was terrible, and our terroir knowledge, just starting. So, we decide to start our project making trial and trial for Merlot, Syrah, Cab, Chardonnay and so…always looking for a terroir we can consider apropiate for what we were looking : drinkeable terroir balance wines.

Our first comercial vintage was 2007, with two wines and only 12 barrells :

– Baron 2007, a blend of different cepages, mainly Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. Total production was 10 barrells.

– Duqueza 2007, a 15 years old Chardonnay coming from Coya, the highest vineyard planted in the Andes Mountain Range, I mean, not near the Andes as usual, but IN the Andes. This climate provides to us an espectacular natural acidity for our Malolactic.

For 2008, total production was 20 barrells, with 10 barrells of Duqueza 2008 and 10 barrells of Duque 2008, our 100% Cabernet sauvignon coming from the highest Cabernet vineyard planted in Chile over alluvial soils. The wine is a blend of 4 different micro terroirs, all coming from the same soil but with different amounts of clay and gravel size.



We are now 2012, and ARISTOS has being succesful so far. We produce 30 barrells per year, 3 wines (Baron, Duque and Duqueza), our Chardonnay Duqueza 2008 took 20/20 on Decanter, our Duque 2008 took 95+ by Tim Atkin…..but the most important : we planted our first 2.5 has of Pinot noir on 2011. A great terroir that i was looking for years, near home, in Bio Bio Coast, with a climate that can be considered cold cloudy, with 900 mm rain per year, over a Schist terroir, 7 km far form the Ocean. I planted it with different great burgundy clones, all coming from Pierre Marie Guillaume selection, mainly Vosne Romanee and gevrey Chambertin clones, 777, 828 and 115.

On 2013 we will plant 2 more has…


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