Altos las Hormigas

I met Alberto Antonini by hazard, in March 2007, working at the same time, same day for a comun client, Viña Montgras. Was a long day, but coming back to Santiago in my car we realize that we share something very important in comon : love for music and Rock and Jazz. Frank Zappa was the connection, a key connection for my professional life.

               Alberto Antoni and I, at the medrano Vineyard, November 2011

After this, Alberto and I start to work together often in some Chilean projects, and for the end of 2007 he invites me to work together in Mendoza. He says to me : “Pedro, Mendoza is great, beautiful people and really good wines, but they lack complexity, and there is a superficial knowledge of terroir, we need to bring a superior terroir knowledge to Altos las Hormigas”. And we started then the Terroir Project for Las Hormigas.

This project was a big change for me as a professional, learning how to work day by day with Alberto and Attilio Pagli. I learn from their palates vital information tht really help me to create a mental mosaic of micro terroirs, specially in the Uco Valley.


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